Monday, April 12, 2010

Backstabber or being stabbed- Which one is you?

Backstabber, are you one of them? I hope not because i certainly wouldn't want to be part of them..
Backstabber are just like scalp and dandruff, annoying and messy..Once you involve with them, you are their "food"..So ladies "get rid" of this dandruff.

They say you guys are "Best Friend Forever"...but moments you turn around they started rumors about you..they say you're have bad breath, loser, and like gossiping other people which is not truth...They lie about's a total disaster!!!

The truth is they are the doubletalker, a good gossiper and they shouldn't be trusted at all...
This Backstabber type of person are cruel to their enemies and even meaner to their own friends..
How could they? Do you have one of these "snake" in your BFF List?Well i have!!

All this backstabber share common aims which they want something from you that they don't have..Believe me they are everywhere..They jealous of what you have..your boyfriend, your money even your parent..they want to be you...especially when you are famous in your community...Don't let them "hurt" the one we love..

Remember that once they are a Backstabber they always a backstabber, don't ever trust them..
Put them in your "Untrustworthy List".

Always aware and pay attention to your surrounding because they'll get to you for revenge so don't let them..Sista, this is for your own good..i'm the one who being was hurt and unforgettable experience..


HEMY said...

but one who has repent might not be a backstabber anymore=]

Happy Mom said...

i hope they who already repent might just not a backstabber depends on their effort to change rite?

paan said...

dua - dua bukan....org2 disekeliling aku insyaallah baik2..

Happy Mom said...

i hope so..because people change and don't easily take for granted...even our close related can stab us from behind...

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